Home Loan


Process of Getting a Home Loan in Thailand

Required documents are as follows:

A. Home Loan for Individuals:

1. Copy of ID card of both the borrower and joint borrowers/ or spouse.


2. Copy of house registration of both borrower and joint borrowers/ or spouse.


3. Copy of marriage / divorce, or death certification in case of dead spouse (if any).


4. For special cases such as A: If the borrower married without registration, please present a house registration


  certificate/child’s birth certificate, as applicable. B: If widowed, please submit a certificate of divorce or police daily


  report on separation or spouse’s death certificate.


5. Salary slip/salary certification letter no more than one month old of both the borrower and joint borrowers


  (must be an original manuscript).


6. Past 6 months saving bank statement (savings account / current account / fixed deposit account).


7. Copy of name / surname change letter (if any).

B. Home Loan for Self-Employed Persons with No Registered Juristic Entities

1. Photographs of shops, retails, or offices as proof.


2. Copy of business and shop registration certificates.


3. Copy of income tax payment certificate, and non - resident withholding tax certificate (if any).


4. Copy of building lease and rental contracts, as well as purchase order and job order contracts.


5. Copy of title deed, rental lease contract, vehicle lease contract (if any), or any relevant collateral related document that


  can be used for the borrower's credit.

C. Other supporting documents that can be used:

1. Official ID card / state enterprise.


2. Name card/ business card.


3. Copy of borrower's vehicle registration certificate as proof.


4. Copy of the share certificates, promissory notes, or GBS lottery (if any).


5. Any employment / income certificate of part time works.


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Home Loan


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